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Lowest Cost (5,000 pc. minimum)


Highest Profit with Lowest Qty.


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Questions About Private Label Salon Products?

How is the quality different?

Because private label products are sold direct to the salon and not through a distributor, the formulas can be more expensive and more concentrated. We use ingredients sourced from all over the world and they are the purest including our steam distilled water.

What are the benefits of private label vs. branded professional producs (often diverted?)

You set your own prices, the products are better quality and they cannot be purchased outside your salon. Additionally, it allows you to brand your salon for instant advertising!

What is initial order turnaround and repeat order turnaround?

Initial order 2-3 weeks from approved artwork. Reorders 7 business days.

Why do you charge freight when my distributor gives me free freight for orders of $00 or more?

Our products cost around $5.00 salon cost vs $8-$9 or more for branded and other private label products. So on just one dozen products you have saved more than enough to cover the freight costs. We want to give discounts for larger orders so that is why 1 or 10 cases cost the same in freight $45. FYI: 10 doz. or 120 pcs shipped for $45 is just 38 cents each.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. We can also take check by mail.


Key Benefits of Private Label Salon Products

1) When you sell brand-name products to your clients, you are helping someone else build their business.

2) When you sell a brand-name product in your salon, you have to be aware of what others in your area are charging for it. It is easy to lose these sales to your competitors who are offering the same products, sometimes at lower prices. This is not an issue when you have your own private label products.

3) Selling your own line of products gives you a great deal of control over the final product. You will be able to increase your margins dramatically by establishing your prices and profits to suit your revenue needs.