“I think quality always helps business because the client always returns and that’s good business. My staff sees the “Quality” and also the “Consistency” of the product doesn’t change as our products arrive just the way the previous order arrives always consistent in quality no busted boxes and the color of the product is actually the same as well as fragrance, and always on time as well.”

Rose Fraser, Birmingham, Alabama

“Your private label products have been more than a retail product line to us; it’s a 360-degree product. The product delivers 'High Quality', 'Result Driven Ingredients' to our guest, while the company delivers high quality, result driven business solutions to our company.”

Jackie Maniaci, Woburn, Massachusetts

“Your Private Label Products have helped our business by creating exclusivity and a great variety of products. Our staff loves the products, our clients think the products are easy to use, smell good and are long lasting. They like the ability to refill shampoos, conditioner, and certain styling aids. Also your education program has affected our retail sales in a positive way. The girls are more confident with their product knowledge and now they sound more like an educator rather than a salesman.”

Noah Keck, Coralville and Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“Your Private Label Products has changed my business in so many great ways; I guess the biggest is the support from the both of you. You’re always there helping me at any time with no hesitation on any business question I have and if you didn’t have the answer you were able to refer me to someone who did. Our clients are truly happy. Their hair has never been so healthy and their color has never stayed so vibrant. It’s the first line I have had in 9 years where clients buy for friends and refer friends and they are already educated on our line by their friends. Clients think it’s amazing that we work with a chemist and have our own line. That alone creates a Buzz!!! Not to mention your private label line always stay’s up on the newest technology and is always creating new products for us so clients don’t get bored.”

Kim McQuillan, Limerick, Pennsylvania